We create powerful change in mental health and social connection for at risk groups. The Yoga Foundation is an Australian registered charity with DGR status that exists to bring the benefits of yoga to disadvantaged people experiencing anxiety and depression who cannot access yoga easily. Some cannot physically or mentally get to a class or do not feel comfortable doing classes in the general community; many mistakenly think of yoga as just for the fit and flexible. Our mission is to bring yoga to these people in order to improve their quality of life, enable social connection and reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

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We receive no government funding. We raise funds via:

The Yoga Foundation is registered as a charity (DGR1) with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 62 139 669 677. To donate please go here.

Our Core Values

  • Respect for the individual

  • Meaningful relationships and social connection as a pathway to inclusion

  • Integrity in all personal and business activities

  • Access to community, the built environment and nourishing natural environments

Meet the Board and GM

  • Michael de Manincor, Founding Director

  • Ian Bollen, Chair

  • Derek Leddie, Director

  • Amity St Clair, Director

  • Jessica Hobson, General Manager