Does your company want to improve employee wellbeing and have a social impact?

The Yoga Foundation runs corporate yoga programs that help fund our yoga classes for vulnerable people experiencing disadvantage and mental illness. Our program will provide your staff with simple, evidence-based strategies and tools such as movement, breathing, mindfulness and meditation to support their mental and physical health.  Download the brochure here.

The Yoga Foundation classes have been a wonderful addition to Primary Health Care. Our people have shared how great they feel from the health and wellbeing benefits of the classes but also from giving back to the community by making a difference with the social impact of the Program. Thank you The Yoga Foundation!
— Audrey Martin - Organisational Development Manager


Yoga (which includes movement, breathing, mindfulness and meditation) is known to have many benefits including managing stress, improving focus, supporting better sleep, calming the mind, releasing tension, body awareness and boosting energy. We have access to some of the most experienced and skilled yoga teachers in Australia. Our teachers work for a special discounted rate so they can donate part of their fee to The Yoga Foundation.

We offer a variety of options from 1-2 hour workshops to 8 week courses, weekly general yoga classes or 2-5 day retreats. Our high level of teaching experience means we can meet the specific needs of your organisation and create bespoke experiences.

The teaching and the content will be matched to your employees, culture and work environment. Choose from one of our ten programs designed around common pain points or mix and match components and themes. Download the course details below:

Mindfulness for Everyday Wellbeing; Breakfast Club; Professional Development Retreats

Office Friendly Yoga: Work Clothes Yoga; Office Friendly Yoga: General Yoga; Office Friendly Yoga: Men Only

Health Repair: Counter Stress; Health Repair: Sleep Better; Health Repair: Reverse the Effects of Sitting

Skill Builder: Strengthen Focus; Skill Builder: Meditation; Skill Builder: Mindfulness

Make your social impact

Take a look at our current mental health programs and select one you'd like to support. Or talk to us about any ideas or target beneficiaries that you'd specifically like to help.

Contact: Jessica Hobson, General Manager: or phone on 0414 379 473.

Affinity is a fast growing, dynamic, award winning ad agency: we chose to bring yoga to our organisation to support the wellbeing of our hard working team; optimise creativity and productivity and learn new strategies for managing stress and tension. The added benefit of choosing Corporate Conscience Yoga was the social impact. Making a difference in our local community is important and our weekly classes help fund The Yoga Foundation’s program for people at risk of homelessness at a nearby early intervention centre. An hour on the yoga mat makes us feel great and knowing we are enabling disadvantaged people just down the road to get on a mat too feels even better.
— Angela Smith, Chief Strategy Officer