We have joined forces with the amazing Karli Health Centre in Victoria to bring more yoga to members of the Deaf community with mental health challenges. We are planning Deaf yoga programs, retreats and workshops in NSW and Victoria, working with Deaf teachers.

We are delivering an 8 week program for clients of the Deaf Society of NSW with a Deaf yoga teacher. Please contact the Deaf Society if you are interested in attending.

Many Deaf people are disadvantaged by a lack of services in their language - Australian Sign Language (Auslan). Imagine how isolating it is to have health advice, engagement with support groups and activities in a language you can't access.

Find out more!  The Art of Healing Magazine recently released Melissa Thompson’s article “Shining the Spotlight of Awareness onto Mental Health and the Deaf Community with Yoga” .  See Auslan version of the article and the English version article ArtofHealingArticle1March2018

Expression of Interest

If you are Deaf and interested in being part of our yoga programs in Melbourne or Sydney you can download and please complete this form. Send this back to either Karli Health Centre or The Yoga Foundation.

There are just a handful of Deaf yoga teachers in Australia and hardly any hearing teachers who use Auslan. This precludes Deaf people from participating in an activity with many proven health benefits and we don't think that's fair. We are raising funds to pay highly trained Deaf teachers to deliver more Yoga classes in Auslan, designed specifically to meet the needs of Deaf people, with a focus on mental health. The Yoga Foundation is working closely with Deaf Yoga teacher and clinical counsellor Karli Dettman and her team at the Karli Health Centre.

We want to raise $5000 to fund our retreats, workshops, classes and online content for rural and remote Deaf communities.

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Supporting this project are Karli Dettman and Melsi Thompson. If you are Deaf and/or want to get involved get in touch: team@theyogafoundation.org.au.