Yoga interventions

Service providers, NGOs and government agencies seek our services to bring quality, evidence-informed yoga to their clients - mental health consumers. Often a program starts because a consumer has requested yoga or because the service provider wants to offer respite, support physical and mental wellbeing, introduce a positive activity, social inclusion or a connection to the community.

The organisations that we work with find confidence and comfort working with an established not for profit such as The Yoga Foundation. We have stringent governance, compliance and risk management processes in place and only use only the most experienced and qualified teachers who are members of Yoga Australia, the national peak body for yoga. Organisations we work with/have worked with include St Vincent's Hospital, The Forensic Hospital, Youth Off The Streets, Flourish Australia, Mission Australia, The Benevolent Society, St Vincent de Paul.

We have both medium and long term programs for both individuals and groups, working in cooperation with families, carers and communities. We work in partnership with medical and health professionals and social workers in multi disciplinary settings. We work with local referral networks, linking people to support systems and forging pathways to inclusion.

Tools our programs might use include working with the breath; postures; mindfulness and meditation.

Our programs promote social connections, encourage participation and inclusion. Class environments are safe, familiar and nurturing. Our work is underpinned by research and we aim to contribute to the evidence base on yoga as an effective self care health regime by evaluating our programs.

If your organisation is interested in starting a yoga program we will be happy to meet you for a briefing and to understand specific requirements so we can design the right program for your clients. Contact

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Shane and yoga teacher mischa

Shane and yoga teacher mischa