When you have to cope with homelessness you don't get to prioritise your mental and physical health and we want to change that.

The Yoga Foundation has partnered with Mission Australia and the St Vincent de Paul Society in Sydney to bring yoga to people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. A grant from the City of Sydney in 2016 helped fund this program initially.

We provide homeless people with free yoga programs designed to bring them respite, give them mental and physical health benefits and provide positive social interaction. Our yoga is aimed at equipping people with some simple skills through postures, breath and mindfulness that can help them manage feelings of stress, anxiety and build mental resilience. Our classes also provide a gentle, inclusive experience that helps participants relax and feeling calm.

These programs were part of a 12 month research project that we are working on with the Australian College of Applied Psychology. This project had two broad aims;

1.     To clarify the demographics, mental health status and needs of homeless and disadvantaged persons attending The Yoga Foundation classes

2.     To explore relationships between yoga class attendance, wellbeing and attitudes towards service engagement in homeless and at-risk populations

If you want to support our Street Yoga programs you can donate here.

Street Yoga at Big Issue's Street Soccer, St Vincent de Paul Society and Mission Australia