In 2009 Michael de Manincor decided to create an independent organisation that would bring yoga to those with no access to it. He could see that yoga was growing in popularity and he was very aware of its benefits, and yet it was out of reach for many. The Yoga Foundation was born, with the mission to reduce anxiety and depression and improve quality of life among people who experience disadvantage.

In the last 10 years The Yoga Foundation has served thousands of beneficiaries and taught them a practice that is sustainable, adapted to their personal situation and needs and effective in supporting their mental wellbeing. We have worked with people from the ages 15 to 80, with people who felt there was no solution, for people who had slipped through the cracks, who felt left behind and forgotten. Feedback, evaluation and research consistently demonstrates the benefits yoga brings to people: stress relief, reduction in the symptoms of mood disorders, resilience, social connection, motivation, self regulation.

We’re very proud of our work since 2009 and excited for the next decade when we’ll continue to expand our services - as the interest, knowledge and popularity of yoga also grows.