Yoga for Veterans

The Yoga Foundation has worked with Soldier On and Defence Care to understand the needs of veterans and to be able to effectively deliver appropriate yoga programs.

Since 2014 we have delivered a range of group and individual programs in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Wodonga. Evaluations demonstrated the positive impact that yoga had on veterans; each veteran was invited to set some goals and track their progress. One twenty seven year old veteran found that two months of weekly yoga had enhanced his focus, general wellbeing, physical flexibility and sleep quality. After 17 weeks of sessions, this vetera found the program to be “truly helpful.” He found it taught him some new skills to cope with pressures: the mindfulness techniques allowed him to distance himself from emotions and intrusive thought. He stated that the movement aspect of yoga is a great starting point for anyone not used to mindfulness and induces mindfulness in the movements.  He recommended the yoga program to anyone suffering PTSD in conjunction with medical treatment.