More than 75% of mental health issues develop before a person turns 25. We want to support the mental health of at risk youth through yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

With suicide the leading cause of death of young people aged 15-24 we need to ensure a variety of robust support options are available. 
For the last ten years The Yoga Foundation has been teaching successful programs designed to reduce anxiety and depression and we’ve built expertise in this area. We’ve worked closely with at risk youth and seen firsthand the positive impact yoga has on their self esteem, emotional regulation and stress management.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be transformative for young people affected by mental illness but yoga’s often dismissed as a hobby or a luxury. It’s not. Providing evidence-based tools to support mental health is a necessity.

Youth off the Streets support young people who may be homeless, drug dependent and/or recovering from abuse. It is Youth off the Streets' goal that these young people will leave their care drug free, with a high school education, living skills and a full or part time job in hand.

We work in their specialised high schools for students who may have been unable to thrive in the mainstream because they may be homeless, from a disadvantaged background, affected by substance addition, recovering from abuse and/or victims of bullying and/or trauma. We have delivered yoga classes at four of their five schools. Our programs are designed to help participants (aged from 14-17) recognise feelings of anxiety and stress, manage those feelings and release them through breath and movement. Our course is one of breadth and depth: always adapted to the individuals in the room and covering psychology, neuroplasticity, the nervous system, postures for studying, tips for sleeping, breathing exercises and practical stress management and postures to challenge and restore.

Our programs at Merrylands were proudly supported by Real Active who donate proceeds from their sales to support the mental health of young people. Our program at The Bowen College is supported by Lululemon’s Here To Be grant.